I'll have to go with the Saturn. Besides the problems with the cars and their marketing (which have been explained pretty well by previous commenters) the whole idea was silly— GM created a whole new brand with the specific intention of taking on the imports when EVERY brand should have been taking on the imports. » 9/19/10 12:34am 9/19/10 12:34am

@AlThums: Make that THE first DOHC 4-valve-per-cylinder engine. A privateer racer in America blew one up, and since Peugeot was busy building munitions for WWI, he brought it to Miller. Miller improved it with his own pistons and carbs, and the rest is history. Awesome history. » 9/05/10 11:33pm 9/05/10 11:33pm

@Slave2anMG: Before I became a LeMons judge, I raced a $500 914 at the Thunderhill race in May. If you don't think $500 914s exist, you're not looking in scary enough places. It also helps to tell people you're looking for a "parts car" instead of a "project." When we started on the EASY 908, we found that one of… » 8/28/10 5:01pm 8/28/10 5:01pm

@Murilee Martin: I've always thought it would be a good idea (well, a "good idea" by LeMons standards) to find a trashed 190E 2.6 and drop in the 3-liter motor from a junkyard 300E. The 190E may lack the sporting pretensions of its rival the E30, but it's actually got a more sophisticated suspension. » 6/20/10 10:09pm 6/20/10 10:09pm

@brisbrd: When I was about six years old, my aunt traded her old Mazda GLC sedan for a new 1990 (or thereabouts) gunmetal-gray Grand Am. It had the Quad Four and tons of body cladding, and I thought it was totally cool. Or, as I was fond of saying at the time, "radical." » 5/15/10 8:20pm 5/15/10 8:20pm

I think I'm going to have to continue building up my own personal "lifestyle brand" (remember, I did the California Melee in a Sunbeam that needed to be started with a hand crank) by doing the Year of Your Birth Rally in a car that's both awesome and crappy. And for a combination of the sublime and the horrible, you… » 5/02/10 11:45pm 5/02/10 11:45pm